Defending False Allegations

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An information hub for those involved in the criminal justice system for the first time who want to know more.

“If you’ve been falsely or wrongly accused of a crime it can have a devastating impact on you, your personal relationships or professional reputation. I decided to set up this website with the aim of providing information to make what can often be a daunting process to navigate more manageable. It’s aimed at answering those initial questions I’m often asked as a solicitor who specialises in criminal law. This site cannot provide information tailored to specific cases, however it can help you start to understand the process so you can find your way through it.”
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Read my article about the Tottenham 3: the legacy of the Broadwater farm riots. The determination to convict meant safeguards weren’t enforced; confessions were persuaded that were worthless and the prosecution case was, to coin a phrase, nothing but fake news.  As published in the Justice Gap.  


Read my article, rape on trial.  We think we know what rape is but do we ? The legal definition of it has been adapting over time and the greatest legal strides have been made in the last 42 years.  As published in the Justice Gap.


Read my article about Rose Heilbron and the Cameo Cinema murders.  An extraordinary lawyer and an extraordinary case.  One of the oldest cases ever considered by the Court of Appeal. As published in the Justice Gap.