A very bad case of brothel keeping.

Read my article, a very bad case of brothel-keeping. A British carry on, the legacy of Cynthia Payne and how the law on prostitution still forces women to live on the edge of the law. As published in the Justice Gap.

Soon the legal profession will celebrate the 100-year anniversary of women being legally allowed to participate in the justice system in this country as jurors, judges, lawyers and magistrates. But women have been involved in the law for as long as there have been crimes and one of the oldest professions for women has always been in conflict with the law.

Forty years ago at 3.50PM on a Wednesday afternoon in December, police raided an unusual Christmas party that was being held in a five bedroom Victorian house in a south London suburb. Inside were 53 men and 13 women. Everyone was questioned but only one was charged, Cynthia Payne the hostess, whose notoriety soon brought her the nickname Madame Cyn…”

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By Natalie Smith