Rape on trial.

Read my article, rape on trial.  We think we know what rape is but do we ? The legal definition of it has been adapting over time and the greatest legal strides have been made in the last 42 years.  As published in the Justice Gap.


Disclosure in criminal cases, is this our darkest hour ?

Read my latest blog post concerning the disclosure regime in criminal cases. “Disclosure in criminal cases has recently come under intense scrutiny following the collapse of a number of prosecutions due to police failures to investigate or disclose information to the defence…” Disclosure in criminal cases. Is this our darkest hour?


Don’t Kill a Mockingbird

The recent announcement that the American classic, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee may be dropped from the GCSE syllabus has sparked great surprise and opposition by those familiar with the book and its main character, Atticus Finch. Its author – Harper Lee – effortlessly demonstrates the horror of how ignorance and prejudice puts […]