I am happy to speak to you in confidence to discuss your immediate concerns and to see if I can assist. This is without any obligation by you.

I work hard to build trusting relationships with my clients and that starts with clarity and transparency on how to fund the work needed. I’ll advise you how we can help and what your funding options are for expert assistance in defending you and your reputation.

Many of my clients fund our work themselves. I understand that you have never thought you would need to save for this advice. We can discuss if costs can be fixed so that you have certainty. If it’s difficult to estimate the work that needs to be done, we can deal with it in stages.

I aim to give you enough information so you are clear and well informed to make the right decisions for you and to keep track of costs involved. I will work with you to ensure costs remain reasonable.

It may be possible for you to recover some of your legal costs. If so, I’ll advise you if this is an option and will work with you to get some of your money back.

I may be able to act for you under public funding (legal aid). Whether you are eligible for public funding depends on the circumstances of your case and your own personal circumstances. I can discuss with you if you are eligible and what it entails.

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