Rose Heilbron and the Cameo Cinema murders

Read my article about Rose Heilbron and the Cameo Cinema murders.  An extraordinary lawyer and an extraordinary case.  One of the oldest cases ever considered by the Court of Appeal. As published in the Justice Gap.

“In January 1950 Rose Heilbron became the first female barrister to appear as leading counsel in a murder trial. The stakes and pressure upon her couldn’t have been higher. Her client, George Kelly, would hang if convicted.

The trial took place in Liverpool’s St George’s Hall, a grand venue in the heart of the city where Heilbron had grown up and built her practice in the law. The previous year she had been one of two women awarded the status of King’s Counsel (the equivalent of QC today) having only been practicing as a barrister for 10 years. She was 35 years old, a mother to a baby girl and an exceptional lawyer. The eyes of the world were upon her.” 

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By Natalie Smith