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The following are testimonials kindly provided by those I’ve worked with.
They are their words and give an insight into what happened to them.

  • From day one Natalie was very supportive and reassuring to me. She listened very carefully. During the court process Natalie knew exactly what the implications are and how to deal with those situations. She also worked very closely with me looking through the evidence and took immense effort to understand some of the medical terminology. Natalie gave me my life back. I would highly recommend Natalie.

  • After my first telephone conversation with Natalie I Immediately began to believe that I could trust the justice system again and this was just underlined once we met. Natalie is an absolute professional and I cannot speak highly enough of her care for my family and me and the diligence she showed in digging through evidence. She has a great insight into people and their behaviour. Throughout my case her experience in dealing with so many similar situations and her reassurance were priceless and kept me feeling as confident as can be under such circumstances.

  • We felt utterly desperate until our first meeting with Natalie. From that moment onwards she exuded empathy, compassion and professionalism that give us confidence and hope when everything seemed so bleak. She continued to do so throughout. We cannot be too praiseworthy of her tireless and detailed involvement.

  • Natalie Smith was a fantastic sounding board for me during a personally very difficult period of my life, following a false allegation. She was highly committed and diligent throughout all stages of preparation for the case. She was able to do this without compromising her objective position as a lawyer.

    Natalie was able to assimilate a complex legal procedural framework in a very succinct and understandable manner, especially given the high emotional impact it had at the time. This was very impressive.

    She was a very calming influence and was able to introduce me to an excellent barrister who represented me in court. This not only demonstrates Natalie's broad network of fellow legal professionals but also her ability to evaluate a situation and refer me to a lawyer she knew I would take great comfort in, on both from a personal and professional level.

    I would have absolutely no problem in recommending Natalie to a friend or family member.

    We won the case and Natalie was an extremely important part of our success.

  • I was extremely anxious when arriving at the London offices for my meeting with solicitors, however that anxiety changed to relief as I discussed my case with Natalie Smith - I received such positive responses.

    Due to her diligence and attention to detail while meticulously going through the large evidence file she uncovered a text message, which became a major focal point in my case.

    I was fortunate that Natalie accepted my case she was very professional and helped me feel at ease right from the start. I cannot express my gratitude enough for what she did for me she was always very understanding and patient, which had a great calming affect on me as I can be a very opinionated and outspoken person (usually at the wrong time and place). She covered my case from start to finish and was always there when I needed her to reassure me.

    Thank you again Natalie a very special lady who in my lifetime I will never forget...

  • While sexual abuse can destroy lives and rip happy families apart, so equally can false allegations of historic sexual abuse. When false historic allegations are made about a man his personal and professional reputation, livelihood and relationships are all put on the line.

    While the police treat the alleged victim with anonymity and sensitivity the defendant can be subjected to arrest, restricted freedom of movement through bail conditions and a public court appearance. The process from police interview to conclusion of the trial is one of humiliation and degradation. This happened to my husband.

    Ms Smith helped my husband to cope, to take the year from interview to trial a step at a time. She helped him maintain as much dignity as possible through this terrible ordeal. Ms Smith attended the Police interview with my husband and convinced the Police that arrest was not necessary, likewise at first appearance at Court she persuaded the Court that non conditional bail was appropriate.

    When the prosecution failed to provide any disclosure and we went to court with the Crown trial-ready and a jury waiting downstairs, Ms Smith kept the ship steady and ably assisted the QC in arguing to the judge that it was not appropriate to go to trial without adequate disclosure. While this resulted in a further delay of 6 months to trial we were now able to obtain the information we needed. Ms Smith now turned investigator and worked steadily and systematically through the information provided.

    At trial Ms Smith was a rock for the whole family, by now all my adult children had their own relationships with her as they gave their witness statements and stood as witnesses or supported their father in court. Throughout the year Ms Smith never gave any false hope that the world would come to rights and the trial be abandoned, she helped us to understand but reassured us that the judicial system would eventually provide justice and that it was a system we could trust. Above all Ms Smith was the one person that my husband could speak openly to throughout the year as I, his usual confidant, was conflicted by being the main witness for the defence. His trust in Ms Smith held him steady and was unwavering.

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