Killed by injustice: the legacy of Mahmoud Mattan

Read my article, as published in the Justice Gap, “Killed by injustice, the legacy of Mahmoud Mattan”, the story of the last man to be hanged in Wales, a notorious miscarriage of justice and the first ever Criminal Cases Review Commission referral.

” In Wales, there is a proverb that a great sin can enter through a small door. On March 6 1952 a great sin did just that when 41 year old Lily Volpert was murdered in her shop, her throat slit for £100 cash. Another woman, who lived not far away from the Volpert’s Outfitters also had her life completely changed that evening. She, by contrast, would live until she was 78 years old but nearly every day of her life that remained was shaped by Lily Volpert’s murder…”

To carry on reading you can click on the link – Killed by injustice: the legacy of Mahmoud Mattan. 

By Natalie Smith