The Tottenham 3: the legacy of the Broadwater Farm riot.

Read my article about the Tottenham 3: the legacy of the Broadwater farm riots. The determination to convict meant safeguards weren’t enforced; confessions were persuaded that were worthless and the prosecution case was, to coin a phrase, nothing but fake news.  As published in the Justice Gap.

” It was a death that led to disorder. Cynthia Jarrett’s son Floyd was arrested in North London whilst driving his car. He was stopped because his tax disc was out of date but police thought (wrongly) he’d stolen the car and arrested him. When in custody, the police still didn’t believe it was his car so obtained authority to search his address based on rumours from an officer, who thought (wrongly) Floyd was known for handling stolen goods. It was a speculative search but police attended his mother’s address on the Broadwater Farm Estate in Tottenham. Cynthia Jarrett was watching television with her daughter when police arrived and during the search she became distressed and suffered a massive heart attack and died…” 

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By Natalie Smith