About me

My website is an information hub for those involved in the criminal justice system for the first time who want to know more.

I am a solicitor and have been since 2003. I have always specialised in defending those accused of criminal allegations and have extensive experience in defending clients accused of serious and complex criminal cases.

My clients have come from all walks of life, many of them have never imagined they would require someone to guide them through the most alienating of circumstances that the law can often be. I spend my professional life helping such people and know that understanding what is happening helps a great deal.

If you’ve been falsely or wrongly accused of a crime it can have a devastating impact on you, your personal relationships or professional reputation.  I decided to set up this website with the aim of providing information to make what can often be a daunting process to navigate more manageable. It’s aimed at answering those initial questions I’m often asked as a solicitor.

This site cannot provide information tailored to specific cases, however it can help you start to understand the process so you can find your way through it.   The aim of this website is straightforward practical information from someone who specialises in this area. It’s a starting point for you.

 Natalie Smith