How the pressure to find a killer made the criminal justice system reckless.

Read my latest article as published in the Justice Gap about the murder investigation into Jill Dando and how the pressure to find the killer made the criminal justice system reckless. 

Twenty years ago, Jill Dando was one of the BBC’s most popular television presenters. She was a trusted journalist and the BBC’s sweetheart, chosen to present its most popular television programmes. When people turned on their televisions she would be there; her image and voice were a part of the fabric of the nation’s most famous public broadcasting service.

In 1999, on the morning of the 26th April, as she returned home to Gowan Avenue in West London, she was murdered. The expert evidence provides a terrifying image of her last moments. The killer forced her head either onto or close to the front step of her home, then bending or crouching over her he pressed a gun to her head and shot her. It was an execution. It was violence aimed at a woman and one of the most famous women in Britain at the time…”

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By Natalie Smith