The mother who changed the justice system

Read my article, published in the Justice Gap, “Doreen Lawrence,  the mother who changed the justice system.”

In 1993, nearly 26 years ago, Doreen Lawrence’s eldest son was murdered. Stephen was 18 years old, a bright, happy young man aspired to be an architect. Knife crime isn’t a new phenomenon that plagues the streets. He was on his way home when he was fatally attacked by a vicious gang of white youths wielding a blade in an unprovoked racist attack.

A murder enquiry began. Within a day an anonymous letter was found in a telephone kiosk naming four people as being responsible. The author informed the police two of them were dangerous knife users who always carried knives and had stabbed before. Where the four lived was disclosed by the anonymous author and the letter concluded with a final warning: ‘Approach these shits with care. Do us all a favour and prove it. Good Luck.’

But despite this clear investigative steer, a tactical decision was taken to wait and not arrest those who had been named…”

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By Natalie Smith